What was the main cause of the Fall of the Roman Republic?

Augustus, the Emperor .

Octavian was clever – he didn’t directly announce that the republic was abolished and he didn’t call himself an emperor. Just in case the senate had issues about that... However, most historians agree that the Roman Republic had become the Roman Empire.

Augustus ruled for 40 years.

During his rule, some elements of the old republican system, such as magistracies, survived in name at least. But they were under full control of the emperor (or princeps).

He also directly controlled most of the provinces of the Roman world through his subordinates and he nationalised the army to make it loyal to the state and emperor alone.

·         Augustus helped rebuild/reshape the city of Rome so that the people would like him more!

·         Octavian changed his name to Augustus, thus wiping out most of the past associations of the civil war. Also the name Augustus meant something like ‘blessed by the gods’.

·         Augustus was crafty because he spent no effort at all PROMOTING his family as a future emperor. So in other words he didn't want the people of Rome to like any members of his family better because otherwise he may have competition, which could result in him being thrown off the throne

When Augustus he died in 14 A.D. aged well over 70, he was succeeded by his stepson, Tiberius.

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