What was the main cause of the Fall of the Roman Republic?

The Senate of Rome:

  • The citizens of Rome were divided in TWO CLASSES: The Plebeians, who were ordinary peasant farmers and craftsmen; and The Patricians — nobles who owned large estates and were descended from the founders of the city.
  • They all met in the ASSEMBLY and it was here where they elected who
    should be the following:
    o The two consuls who governed the city. They
    were elected for only one year and could not be elected again until 10 years had
    passed. They both had to agree before a decision about the republic could be
    Magistrates who were officials who were appointed to be judges,
    to look after the city’s finances and other jobs.
    When magistrates retired,
    they became members of the senate. They had a lot of experience and gave advice
    to the consuls.
    Tribunes were appointed to protect the ordinary people
    against unfair treatment.